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Payment and delivery conditions

0,55 EUR or equivalent for each card, incl. air mail postage worldwide

Every order of 80 and more cards gets a discount of 10 %
Every order of 400 and more cards gets a discount of 20 %

Wholesale conditions on request.

Cards payable by PayPal or bank check (no postal checks, please) in favour of Zbyněk Otáhal. Please, list alternatives in case that some cards are sold out. If you send cash money, please, use dark envelope and registered mail only. If interested to pay by bank transfer, please, contact me for bank details. Allow me 2 weeks for preparing.

Thanks for your interest.

Zbyněk Otáhal
Březovská 496
CZ-252 45 Zvole
Czech Republic

e-mail: okc.postcards@seznam.cz